Langkawi is famous for its pristine beaches, clear blue waters and some untouched islands. The different beaches in Langkawi offer various views that range from beauty to convenience. Nonetheless, no beaches are short of stunning views and clear waters. Here are some of the best ones and reflected in the crowds it gathers.

1. Pantai Cenang

The crowd gather place for every occasion, daylight or nighttime would be Pantai Cenang. It takes about 10 minutes from the airport. It is a beach that never sleeps. There is a long stretch of Cenang Street where different vendors and shops are open that sells souvenirs and food. The beach itself has powdered sands that are soft to the touch and yet cool despite the bright sun. Most of the water sports activities can be found here. It is the most developed beach with buildings of hotels and shops on both sides of the street. The variety of restaurants ranges from seafood, thai-food and middle eastern and many more. The nightlife at the beach is never peaceful; it is filled with fire show, music blasting through the night and everyone taking a walk by the beach under moonlight. It can be the most romantic place and yet the most fun.

2. Pantai Tg. Rhu

If you were looking for serenity and a laid back scene, then Pantai Tg. Rhu would be the best. It has white powdered sands in the long stretch of the beach and clear waters. It overlooks the beautiful rock formations that make the place photogenic and a popular place for wedding photo-shoots. There are not many visitors here and less developed, as there are only a few shops. Romantic couples on honeymoons appreciate the privacy and the solitary the beach serves.

3. Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

Among the locals, the most popular beach they would go to for a picnic on a weekend is the Pantai Pasir Tengkorak. The white sands and clear blue waters make for a perfect day for basking in the sun. Since there are hardly any shops and the facilities are limited it can get pretty quiet except for the lashing of the waves and the birds swooping from above. This is another beach secluded and perfect for those wanting to be away from the crowds and noise.

4. Pantai Kok

Pantai Kok is another local sought beach which is far from the crowds and less developed. Known for the clear waters and sandy beaches, families enjoy their quality time here, listening to the waves and the beautiful landscape. It is known for the architectural lighthouse and the rows of parked yachts that make it picture perfect for photo shoots.

5. Pantai Tengah

Located just a bit further up from Pantai Cenang is Pantai Tengah. Though nearby, it has different scenes from Pantai Cenang where there are rows of shops along the road and bigger crowds on the beach with plenty of watersports acitvities, while in Pantai Tengah, there are lesser shops and fewer developments. Pantai Tangah does not have that many crowds and suitable for visitors looking for a laid back scene and yet enjoy the beautiful fine sands with clear waters.

6. Datai Bay

The Datai Bay is tucked up in the north of the island and has no nearby tourist attractions. Datai Bay is accessible only if you happen to pass by here or are guests of the high-end hotels. The pristine beach with white sands and clear waters truly commends the breathtaking sunset that can be seen here. The hotels here are perfect for honeymooners and couples seeking privacy or visitors seeking serenity and to appreciate nature at its best.