1. Night Market

If you are thinking of exploring your taste buds and would like to try some local delicacies, you can have a go at the night markets. It is open every night, just in different places on the island. A bit like the circus minus the show. You will have to go where it goes. The selection of food diversified from savoury to sweet, whichever you would prefer. If you are feeling adventurous, you can have a taste of everything.

2. Bike Tour of Langkawi

After lunch, when the weather is still perfect, you can hire a motorcycle and take the backroads of the island to enjoy the view of Langkawi. Drive up to the North and make pit stops of different beaches along the way, or be adventurous and take the small roads that leads to different villages and paddy fields. When the season is right, you will get to see blanket of greens with the majestic backdrop of the mountains.

3. Sunset dinner cruise

To have the perfect night on your last night, you can hire a boat or join the group on a sunset dinner cruise. It begins late in the evening and the boat, on calm waters will take you around to have the view from afar on the island. Mingle or appreciate your company while having dinner and reminisce the short holiday that you have had. Most importantly, remember Langkawi and how there are more to explore, the next time round.

4. SkyTrex Adventure Langkawi

If you are into extreme adventure and thrilling activities, then the SkyTrex Adventure would be just the one. It has different levels of the track where you can choose from. Set out in the forest just beneath the Gunung Mat Cincang, the SkyTrex is an adventure of tree-to-tree sky-trekking.

5. Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

This is the largest crocodile farm in Langkawi and has over 4,000 species of crocodiles. It is a home to “Bujang Lang” one of the world’s biggest crocodile. There are interactive activities where you can engage in, for example, crocodile feeding and fishing.

6. Scuba Diving in Langkawi

Scuba diving is another activity to commemorate your time in Langkawi. Experienced and amateurs divers can enjoy diving here. The most popular place to do your snorkelling and diving is the Pulau Payar Marine Park located about 45 minutes away from the main island by ferry. There are packages that provides for a full day tour inclusive of lunch and snorkelling equipments. For those adventurous enough to try out scuba diving will be taken on a different route. They will be taken at the deeper sea where the sea creatures are of more variety and are scarce from the shallow waters.

7. Gunung Raya

The highest mountain peak in Langkawi is “Gunung Raya” with lush green forests that is home to numerous wildlife, white-bellied sea eagles, hornbills, dusky leaf monkeys, and macaque monkeys. Gunung Raya is a part of a local myth and legend where it is a cursed form of a giant called Mat Raya who had a fight with Mat Cincang, where both were cursed and turned into mountains that still stand until today. It is a 30-minute drive to the peak, but along the way, there are several look-out points that beholds stunning view. The peak holds the beauty of sunset that you get to see and even the neighbouring islands.

8. Zipline

If you think seeing the landscape from the bird’s eye view was amazing, then you will definitely be stunned by the views as you soar through the air. The Zipline is one of its kind in Langkawi and is operated by Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventures. You can fly through the tree tops in the rainforest of Langkawi and yet be assured of your own safety as it is their top priority. It is one of the most unique way to appreciate nature and glance at wildlife up close.