If you are visiting Langkawi for a short term stay of a few days, there are still plenty that you get to experience and get your money’s worth. Here are some of the things you must do on a short trip in Langkawi:

1. Sky Bridge and Cable Car Langkawi

Langkawi is an archipelago of islands and with majestic background of mountain dated from 500 million years ago. To really appreciate the view, the best way would be from up above. To be on a bird’s eye view to take in the stunning landscapes of the island will make you fall in deep with Langkawi and makes you wonder what other beautiful mysteries does the island hold.

Set on the high mountain of Mat Cincang, the Langkawi CableCar is known for the steepest cable car in the world. The journey to get to the highest station will be thrilling as you look out the gondola. But once reached at the top, that thrill will be turned to stun and awe of the landscape. The Sky Bridge is a once in a lifetime experience that you must venture on. Though it may seem just a pedestrian walk, it is the longest free span and curved bridge in the world. The Sky Bridge is suspended high and being supported by only a single Pylon.

2. Seven Wells Waterfall

To continue with the tour, just up further of the SkyCab is the Seven Wells Waterfall “Telaga Tujuh”. The waterfall is accessible with hiking but the view will impress you. As the name portrays, the waterfall has seven pools at different levels and it is associated with legends and myths from the local.

3. The Mangrove Tour Langkawi: A Journey Through Nature's Wonders

The Langkawi Mangrove Tour is a captivating and educational adventure that takes you through the breathtaking Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, a UNESCO-listed geopark in Langkawi, Malaysia. This unique tour provides an opportunity to explore pristine mangrove forests, ancient limestone formations, and a thriving ecosystem of diverse wildlife. Here's what you can expect from this exceptional experience:

1. Enchanting Mangrove Forests:

Your Langkawi Mangrove Tour begins in the enchanting mangrove forests of Kilim Karst Geoforest Park. As you navigate through the calm waterways, you'll find yourself surrounded by the tranquility and lush greenery of the mangroves. The mangroves play a vital role in the ecosystem, providing habitat for various species of flora and fauna.

2. Ancient Limestone Formations:

Your guide will introduce you to the remarkable limestone formations that have been shaped by geological processes over millennia. These formations hold fascinating stories of Langkawi's geological history, and you'll learn about their significance.

3. Unique Wildlife Encounters:

The Langkawi mangroves are teeming with a diverse range of wildlife. Keep your camera ready to capture the sight of brahminy kites, eagles, kingfishers, otters, and even tree-climbing crabs in their natural habitat. Your knowledgeable guide will help you spot these creatures and provide insights into their unique behaviors and adaptations.

4. Bat Caves Exploration:

Your tour may include a visit to hidden bat caves nestled within the limestone formations. Here, you'll witness thousands of bats hanging from the cave ceilings as they prepare for their nightly foraging trips. It's a remarkable natural spectacle to behold.

5. Visit Fish Farms:

Many tours include a stop at local fish farms, where you can feed and interact with various fish species, including stingrays and catfish. It's an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

6. Floating Restaurants and Scenic Lunch:

Enjoy a delectable lunch at a floating restaurant nestled within the heart of the mangroves. Savor local flavors and traditional dishes while taking in the breathtaking natural surroundings.

7. Explore Fossilized Clams:

Marvel at ancient fossilized clams, a testament to Langkawi's geological history. Your guide will share insights into how these clams played a crucial role in shaping the island's landscape.

8. Educational Insights:

Throughout the tour, your knowledgeable guide will provide fascinating insights into the ecological importance of mangrove forests, the unique adaptations of local wildlife, and the cultural significance of the area to the local community.

9. Serene Boat Ride:

The Langkawi Mangrove Tour is typically conducted on a comfortable and serene boat, ensuring that you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty and wonder of Kilim Karst Geoforest Park.

This tour offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, learn about the island's geological and ecological wonders, and witness the remarkable diversity of Langkawi's ecosystem. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a family, or an adventure seeker, the Langkawi Mangrove Tour promises an unforgettable experience, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this Malaysian paradise.

4. Island Hopping by boat

One of the most popular tour activities in Langkawi is the island hopping by boat. It takes about 3 to 4 hours of tour. You will get on a boat at the jetty, and be taken to 3 different stops. The first will be the “Pulau Dayang Bunting” or the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, which is an island that resemblance like a pregnant lady from afar. There are a few water activities to be enjoyed here. After an hour, the boat will take you to “Pualau Beras Basah”, an island with white powdered sands and clear waters for you to dip in. The last stop will be the “Pulau Singa Besar” which is another wildlife sanctuary for different species of eagles, monkeys, hornbills and many more. Here you will get to witness the eagles grasping their food in a quick grip. The boatmen will throw some bits of chicken in the water and the eagles will fly down to grab it. It is quite a spectacular scene.

5. Island Hopping by Jetski

If you are in for the rush and thrill rides then the island hopping via jetski is the perfect choice. Ride your own jetski and drive up close to what Langkawi has to offer. Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride the jetski and beat the rushing waves to get from island to another island. This unique experience to be able to go up close to the limestone formations and get in between rocky nooks and crevices will really make your trip unforgettable.

6. “Dataran Lang” or Eagle Square

The name Langkawi comes from the word “Lang” or “Helang” which means eagle and what better way to iconise the island than with a massive sculpture of an eagle. This monument is placed near the entrance to the island by way of ferry. The “Dataran Lang” is the best place to take pictures to commemorate your memories in Langkawi.

7. Underwater World Langkawi

The Underwater World Langkawi is located along the stretch of the Cenang Beach street. It is a home to more than 500 species of sea creatures. The highlight of the Underwater World is the 15 metre tunnel path with see through aquarium glass so you will be able to see the sea creatures up close. The penguins there are the most adorable and you get to see their different antics.

8. Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise Langkawi

Another location to explore on nature is the Langkawi Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise. Upon entering, you will be greeted by the exotic birds. It is a home for more than 2,500 exotic birds from 150 species. It is a wonderful place for parents to bring their children and animal lovers because you can interact with the animals and some feed them.

9. Cenang beach

To enjoy the evening sunset amidst all the water-sports activities, you can go to the Cenang Beach that never sleeps. There are plenty of cafes and shops that opens up right on the beach where you can sit on the rugs or bean bags provided by them. Take your time and sip your cool drink while enjoy the beautiful sunset by the beach.

10. Tanjung Rhu Beach

Rise early the next morning and have breakfast in one of the local restaurant that serves “nasi lemak” and “roti canai”, a typical local breakfast. Then head on to Tanjung Rhu Beach at the north of the island. The beach here is more secluded and perfect for sun bathing.

11. Gunung Raya Langkawi: Exploring the Island's Highest Peak

Gunung Raya is the highest peak on Langkawi Island, a lush and tropical paradise located off the northwest coast of Malaysia. This majestic mountain is not only a natural wonder but also a site of cultural significance, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking adventure and a deeper understanding of the island's heritage.

Here's what you need to know about Gunung Raya:

Mountain Majesty: Gunung Raya stands at an impressive height of approximately 881 meters (2,890 feet) above sea level, providing breathtaking panoramic views of Langkawi and its surrounding islands. The mountain's lush rainforests are home to diverse flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and hikers.

Hiking Trails: While Gunung Raya is accessible by road, many adventurous travelers choose to hike to the summit. There are several hiking trails that lead to the peak, offering different levels of difficulty. Some of the popular trails include the Gunung Raya Trail and the Seri Lagenda Trail. Hiking to the summit allows you to immerse yourself in the island's natural beauty, including dense forests, unique wildlife, and cool mountain air.

360-Degree Views: The reward for reaching the summit is the awe-inspiring 360-degree views that stretch as far as the eye can see. On a clear day, you can gaze out over the Andaman Sea, the surrounding islands, and the lush landscapes of Langkawi. The sunrise and sunset views from Gunung Raya are particularly magical, making it a popular spot for photographers.

Cultural Significance: Gunung Raya is also significant in local folklore and history. According to legends, it was the cursed form of a giant called Mat Cincang, who was turned into the mountain for his disobedience.

Accessibility: You can access Gunung Raya by car, and the road to the summit is well-maintained. The drive itself is a picturesque journey through the rainforest, and you can make stops along the way to appreciate the surroundings.

12. Sunset dinner cruise

To have the perfect night on your last night, you can hire a boat or join the group on a sunset dinner cruise. It begins late in the evening and the boat, on calm waters will take you around to have the view from afar on the island. Mingle or appreciate your company while having dinner and reminisce the short holiday that you have had. Most importantly, remember Langkawi and how there are more to explore, the next time round.