With the stigma of “beach, sun and sand”, the best season to be in Langkawi would of course, be during the dry season. This is usually between the months of December until March. It is in line with the international holidays, reflecting it to be the high season in Langkawi. The days would consistently be sunny and humid making it the best time in getting the nicest tan. You will get to bask in the sun on the white powdered sands and enjoy the thrilling water-sport activities.

Not to dampen the spirits of those who can only travel during the middle season, which would be between the months of April until August. But there are still advantages of being in Langkawi during this time, especially for those who seek to remain low key and yet still enjoy the island at their own pace. Though, we might see less of the bright skies, the short rainfall will cool down the temperature. There would be fewer tourists during this period and you would be most likely to mingle with the locals. You would get to savour the time at the beach or enjoying what nature has to offer with fewer crowds.

The low season in Langkawi would depict plenty of rainfall in the monsoon season. This is just a short period between the months of September to October. The dreary weather would call for sitting indoors with a hot cup of tea and looking out the window at the breathtaking views. The paddy fields during this season would be in lush greens and the mist after the rain will absolutely take your breath away. Seeing the view of the majestic mountains covered in mist, early in the morning would certainly not dampen your moods because of the rain. This season perfectly suits those looking for solace and privacy.