Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands placed in the northern region of Malaysia and is accredited with an UNESCO Global Geoparks since 2007. 

To be awarded such prestigious status and to be able to maintain it for more than a decade is the greatest achievement. They are put to strict guidelines and must be qualified with various terms and conditions, be it from the natural state of the island, the people of the island and the governing body that are responsible for it. 

Langkawi is also associated with myths and legends, identifying it as an “Island of Myths and Legends”. The places of attraction are all equipped with their own version of myths and legend, some are linked deeming the stories to seem true. Local legends are retold and passed through generations.

When people hear the word “island”, first thing comes to mind are pristine beaches, water-sport activities and seafood. But Langkawi comes with much more than that. The powdered white sands, clear blue waters and some untouched small islands are what attract people from all over the world to explore Langkawi. It has a magnificent landscape that goes back to half a million years ago and mysterious mangroves that will keep you captivated through out the trail.

It is an island made whole, where you can discover nature at your doorstep and still be able to appreciate the culture that the society maintains.